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Ice cube tray manufacturer wins award for irretrievable ice cubes

ice buggery bastards, more likeFor over 30 years, ice cube tray manufacturers have been engaged in a race to develop a container from which frozen water can never be extracted. Today UK company Pro-Plastic has been recognised for making the first container from which ice cubes cannot be retrieved, irrespective of the cunning and skill of the users.

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Posted: Oct 27th, 2014
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Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis blows entire fortune on 4.30 at Kempton Park

Self-styled Money Saving Expert and multi-millionaire Martin Lewis has squandered his entire fortune on a horse race at Kempton Park, it has been revealed.

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Posted: May 19th, 2014
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Helen of Troy had ‘big, jeroboam-shaped head’, claim archaeologists

just one big booze cruiseArchaeologists believe they have uncovered the truth behind Helen of Troy’s face and its fabled ship-launching ability.

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Posted: Oct 14th, 2011
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Corby Trouser Press added to Appellation D’Origine list

The Corby Trouser Press, a hotel-based item mainly used by travelling sales reps with a preference for a crease down the front of their trousers has been awarded AoC status to protect it from cheap imitations.

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Posted: Nov 25th, 2010
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Channel 4 launches ‘The Secret Pauper’

Channel 4 today announced plans to broadcast a new series later this year: ‘The Secret Pauper’. The show will see ex-members of Parliament desperately attempting to cling on to their former champagne and truffles lifestyle.

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Posted: Jun 16th, 2009
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