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Channel 4 to follow the lives of 12 people who won’t turn their clocks back

narrator was late‘Fears that viewers on C4+1 may be confused’

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Posted: Oct 27th, 2012
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Man kept a record of all Justin Lee Collins’ comedic travesties

A Swindon man, Mr Barry Kent, appeared in court today charged with harassing West Country funny man Justin Lee Collins by keeping a detailed dossier of the comedian’s professional history and using it ‘as a stick to beat him with’.

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Posted: Sep 29th, 2012
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‘Let me commit career suicide with dignity,’ pleads Frankie Boyle

Infamous taboo-busting comedian Frankie Boyle issued a distraught plea to the media yesterday asking to be allowed to finally kill off his TV career. Boyle has requested that the law be changed to allow him to commit professional suicide assisted by a live late night panel show or other similar bad-taste comedy vehicle. For the [...]

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Posted: Sep 11th, 2012
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Documentary maker’s race against time to create melodrama with shaky camera work

A documentary filmmaker has just 24 hours to impose an arbitrary deadline on his programme – or he could risk losing everything, including his licence to make badly researched, ill-judged programmes for his mate at Channel 4.

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Posted: Apr 5th, 2011
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Wills and Kate to marry in Big Fat Gypsy Wedding

will spend honeymoon putting tarmac on drives somewhere in Africa‘They’ve decided to go full gypo,’ said the Duke of Edinburgh in language which has drawn criticism from the traveller community.

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Posted: Feb 11th, 2011
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