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Meat-lovers call for online Quorn ban

The Government has today proposed an opt-in system for vegetarian shoppers who wish to log on to supermarket sites and see explicit images of Quorn.

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Posted: Jul 29th, 2013
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Boxing club defends cot-fighting event

the 'battle for the rattle'A sports club in Preston which charged adults £25 a ticket to watch a fight between two eighteen-month old boys has denied that the toddlers in question were being exploited.

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Posted: Sep 22nd, 2011
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Christmas in jeopardy after Santa refuses CRB check

Santa Clause‘We rather feel that if a childless man is to be granted nocturnal access to the bedrooms of millions of children around the world, he should submit to some basic investigation.’

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Posted: Dec 4th, 2009
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Wrapping children in cotton wool is actually ‘effective in reducing injuries’, claim experts

control group mostly died‘when I was a young trainee teacher, we thought nothing of blinding a child with a dangerous chemical experiment

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Posted: Jun 26th, 2009
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