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Schoolboy poised for historic walk to school attempt

Land Rover on standby in case of emergencyEight-year-old Nigel Williams from Maidenhead will tomorrow step into his family’s history books when for the first time he will attempt to walk alone along the three hundred-metre route from his home to school.

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Posted: May 14th, 2015
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Government’s ‘bubble-suit’ legislation to safeguard children

bubbles need to be blown up out of all proportionIn a leak of new government plans the Daily Mail has revealed that children will be legally required to wear special bubble suits until the age of 18, in a bid to safeguard them at home, at school and in their communities.

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Posted: Oct 26th, 2012
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Nancy Cameron in failed bid to distract David Cameron from cocking anything else up

Nancy Cameron has apologised to the nation after her bid to distract her father from cocking anything else up by hiding in a country pub ended in failure.

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Posted: Jun 11th, 2012
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