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Terror threat raised as Cotswolds Vicar declares Church of England Caliphate

The truth will set you free. What faith will do, nobody really knows...With much of the world distracted by the campaign against ISIS in the Middle East, Britain faces a new home-grown terror threat, after Stow-In- the-Wold vicar Jeremy Blythe pronounced an independent Anglican Caliphate stretching across much of rural Oxfordshire.

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Posted: Nov 19th, 2014
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Many born-again Christians suffering birth defects

The study examines the gestation of born-again Christians, noting that many report experiences similar to that of pregnant women.

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Posted: Apr 24th, 2014
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Cure for Christianity ’round the corner’ say researchers

Christianity may soon be a thing of the past say researchers at Oxford University. ‘We may have found a cure for the condition,’ said Professor James Cross of Exeter College. ‘It could soon be as rare as polio.’

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Posted: Feb 24th, 2012
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Gordon Brown to ban Christian group under terror laws

A radical Christian group that planned a Christmas march through Bradford will be banned under counter-terrorism laws, Home Secretary Alan Johnson has said.

The group, Salvation Army, had planned to march through the Yorkshire town wearing uniform and playing hymns but was banned after a public outcry.

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Posted: Jan 19th, 2010
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Agnostics undecided on launching publicity campaign

Agnostic buses uncertain of destinationFollowing poster campaigns on buses by atheists and Christians, the Agnostic Society is having trouble coming to a decision whether or not to run its own campaign.

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Posted: Apr 22nd, 2009
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