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Child outraged as parents fail to buy him any Xmas presents for seventh year running

parents 'just a pair of stingy bastards'Seven-year-old Josh Cooper was ‘angry, yet not altogether surprised’ yesterday when once again his parents failed to buy him a single Christmas present.

‘If it wasn’t for the XBox Kinect, Iron Man toys and new bike from Santa, it would not have been a very merry Christmas at all’.

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Posted: Dec 25th, 2010
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Early Learning Centre launches Job Seekers role-play kit

Game suitable for up to 2.5m players‘It will help prepare children for when the time comes to claim benefits themselves.’

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Posted: Sep 11th, 2009
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BBC slammed for franchising Wire-themed toys and games

Police pursuits 'not trivial'As BBC Enterprises launched a range of board games, junior surveillance kits and corner boy dolls, the BBC has been accused of missing the point of acclaimed US police drama, The Wire. Critics complain that the novelty gift range, launched to capitalise on the Christmas market, in some way trivialises the issues of drug addiction, poverty and murder highlighted in the series.

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Posted: Sep 7th, 2009
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