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Economy plunged into crisis as office worker loses pen

may have to go to arbitration, but willing to give stationery cupboard one last chanceThe economy entered further turmoil this morning when career civil servant John Smith turned up to work, sat down at his desk, reached for his pen and discovered it wasn’t there.

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Posted: Apr 29th, 2012
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Massive increase in chat room use as civil servants return from Christmas break

A government representative announced that they were ‘shocked and disappointed’ on the release of a comprehensive breakdown of Britain’s internet use, showing that chat room logins shot up in numbers as the country’s civil servants returned to the office after the holidays.

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Posted: Dec 30th, 2011
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Returned census forms locate Bin Laden

“I felt like I’d found a Willy Wonka Golden Ticket,” gushed Miss Peters. “Certainly trumps Dennis Conway’s locating of Elvis Presley in Hunstanton the day before yesterday.”

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Posted: Mar 30th, 2011
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New data loss scandal as civil servant ‘left on train’

Mr Coverdale just left on the seatThere was embarrassment for the government today as it confirmed that the whereabouts of Mr Coverdale, a career civil servant remained unknown after he was left on a train yesterday. The security breach occurred as a party of officials returned from a meeting on the 16:47 to London St Pancras, only to later realise that one of their contingent was missing.

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Posted: Mar 20th, 2009
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