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Nick Clegg to address imaginary delegates at this year’s Lib Dem conference

There must be somebody out there. Anyone?‘Clint Eastwood had an argument with an empty chair regarding its political standpoint. Nick will go one further and address an imaginary political party at an imaginary political conference.’

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Posted: Sep 7th, 2012
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Tense UN climate talks reach agreement on next venue

talks went on until long after the bar had opened‘We were aware that we had a grave responsibility to act now and protect future generations of UN delegates from catastrophic summit venues.’

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Posted: Dec 12th, 2010
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Bookmakers face heavy losses after Ed Miliband speech gets standing ovation

Britain’s bookmakers have been taken by surprise after the new Labour leader unexpectedly received a standing ovation for his maiden speech at the Labour Conference in Manchester.

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Posted: Sep 29th, 2010
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