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Ruling Planet Earth ‘is a chore’ says secret reptilian Illuminati

wondering if it's all been worth itThe world of the conspiracy theorist is abuzz today, after the Illuminati, a race of reptilian aliens that have been secretly ruling the planet by masquerading as the world’s leaders, admitted that they are struggling to cope with the workload.

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Posted: Aug 3rd, 2010
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Conspiracy theorists vindicated as Ground Zero diggers uncover 18th century ship

9-11 conspiracy theorists are jubilant after last week’s unearthing of the hull of an 18th century ship at Ground Zero.

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Posted: Jul 19th, 2010
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‘I was a fourth division goalkeeper’ claims David Icke

Always the last to be picked‘I firmly believe that I made 38 appearances for Hereford United in the 1972/73 season,’ claimed the notorious wacko.

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Posted: Nov 18th, 2009
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