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Cornwall ‘real’, apparently

it's alive, alive, alive-a-live-o!Not just the ‘bit that stops Devon getting too wet’

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Posted: Apr 26th, 2015
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Teen asks court to prevent her travelling to Cornwall for holiday with parents

Sixteen-year-old Brenda Jones has asked the Family Court to stop her travelling to Cornwall for a week’s holiday with her parents.

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Posted: Mar 18th, 2015
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Cameron promises Cornish holiday stand-off with Russians

The Prime Minister said ‘I have made it very clear to President Putin that I will be on my favourite Cornish beach this summer, Russian fighters or no Russian fighters.

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Posted: Feb 23rd, 2015
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Passport backlog: thousands of Brits wanted a holiday in Cornwall all along

'Thank God Rick Stein's not around to see this'Tens of thousands of people who have had to cancel foreign holidays because of the passport backlog have realised that actually they wanted to go to Cornwall all along.

‘We’d booked two weeks on the Costa del Sol,’ said Fred Ashford, from Ashford, ‘but as soon as we knew our passports wouldn’t be ready, we reappraised the situation and found that foreign adventures probably weren’t for us at this time. It turned out that our ideal holiday destination, in terms of climate, food, relaxation, home from home facilities and all that, was Newquay. And if it pisses down all week again, who cares? I intend to have lots of fun in this new pot-bellied surfing wetsuit I bought by not paying £55 each to speed up the passport application.’

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Posted: Jun 12th, 2014
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Tories welcome minority status for Corniche people

The Tory faithful have welcomed the ‘long overdue’ news that Corniche people are to be recognised and protected as a national minority, thus guaranteeing the human rights of the super-rich. This, they said, should also send a clear message to the rest of the country that it is not enough to simply be ‘ quite well-off’ any more.

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Posted: Apr 27th, 2014
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