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Divorcing couple play football on Christmas Day

will all kick off again on Boxing DayJoe and Paula Western decided to set aside their differences on Christmas day and play a game of football in no-mans land, the area between the house and the garden shed where Joe now sleeps.

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Posted: Dec 24th, 2011
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Man convinced mentally unstable girlfriend just ‘quirky’

‘She just has her own style, that’s all,’ said Gary, visibly shaking after his girlfriend screamed at him that he was ‘a fucking failure’ and had ‘ruined’ their lives for forgetting to buy cabbage.

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Posted: Jun 29th, 2011
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Coalition in crisis over where to spend Christmas Day

no Norman Lamont this yearReports emerged from Downing Street yesterday that the coalition government is in danger of collapse over arguments about which side of the political family to have Christmas dinner with this year.

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Posted: Dec 17th, 2010
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Twelve days after unanswered text, woman accepts relationship may be over

‘We had exchanged pictures, he’d sent one of him skiing in January, I sent one of me taken at my cousin’s wedding in 1995.’

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Posted: Jun 16th, 2007
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Woman hides secret heartbreak with emoticons

woman at screen When I feel the dark clouds starting to gather I know that a :- ( is just an upside down :- )

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Posted: Jun 3rd, 2007
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