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Abstract-expressionist court artist fired

court's decision embraced avant garde expressionist judicial construct of 'avizandum'‘Her indistinct paintings failed to accurately capture the atmosphere and events at Lincoln Crown Court.’

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Posted: Jul 9th, 2010
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Chairman of BT stands trial in new automated courtroom

'calls may be stenographed for training purposes'In an historic day for justice, Britain’s first entirely automated criminal trial took place at the Old Bailey as Sir Michael Rake, chairman of British Telecom, was tried on charges of customer services abuses and corporate inhumanity to man. Standing in the dock of an empty courtroom, Rake was presented with the telephone which would be his only way of communicating with the faceless system deciding his destiny, and warned in advance that his trial may be recorded for training purposes.

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Posted: Jul 25th, 2009
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Girl convicted of bitching with intent

Court heard that she was 'proper rude'A court on the 8.23am train found Natasha, a 17-year-old student, guilty of ‘being bitchy about Sunita’s new haircut’ and ‘failing to support Desrene over that incident with the fat man in the newsagents’.

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Posted: Jul 20th, 2009
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