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Crime falls by 10% as austerity hits burglars

The Crime Survey of England and Wales has shown that crimes against adults and households fell by 10% in the last year, further proof of austerity hitting every part of society. Rising prices of tools and a sharp fall in prices on the black market has seen the average burglar ‘barely break even’.

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Posted: Jan 23rd, 2014
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Police clear-up rates boosted by focus on disorganised crime

Following recent failures in a crackdown targeting the perpetrators of organised crime, UK police forces announced a new strategy on the war in crime, ‘focusing on the really dumb disorganised ones’.

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Posted: Jul 20th, 2010
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Fear of spiders remains same despite fall in spider attacks

‘You are actually more likely to get knocked down by a car than have a big hairy poisonous spider crawl into your ear when you are asleep’

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Posted: Aug 29th, 2008
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