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US death row prisoners developing resistance to execution

indignitasThe penal system in the US could soon be ‘cast back into the dark ages’ unless action is taken to tackle the growing threat of resistance to execution, experts have said.

In a preliminary report from the US Government, there are clear signs that death row prisoners are developing increasing resistance to methods of execution that used to overcome inmates in a matter of minutes.

Report author, Professor Herbert J Scheckter said: “it used to be that traditional methods such as the electric chair or lethal injections would bring an end pretty quickly. Increasingly though we keep seeing prisoners that last longer and longer. Sooner or later we believe there will be prisoners that are immune to current methods of execution”.

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Posted: Jul 28th, 2014
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Prisoners to be released through new HMP Gift Shops

shoplifting actually encouragedIn a new effort to rebalance the public finances, Home Secretary Theresa May has announced that prisoners reaching the end of their sentence in UK jails will no longer be released straight onto the streets, but will instead leave prison through a new HM Prisons Gift Shop.

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Posted: Jul 2nd, 2012
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Best Reply After Caution prize won by Belfast plasterer

‘It really was superb,’ said Joseph Campbell, solicitor and chairman of the award panel. ‘I’ve been involved in the criminal justice system for over 30 years now and his reply was up there with the best. That it was improvised and all his own work makes it even more impressive

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Posted: Mar 20th, 2012
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Pakistani cricketers apply for bails

The Pakistani cricketers convicted yesterday of conspiracy to throw matches in last year’s Test against England have applied for bails.

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Posted: Nov 4th, 2011
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Man jailed for letting young daughter wear sporran

A man has been jailed for eighteen months at Newcastle Crown Court after being found guilty of allowing his daughter to wear a sporran and of filming the abuse on his mobile phone.

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Posted: Oct 19th, 2009
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