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Diners’ fury at ‘only order what you can pronounce’ legislation

'I'll have a 'for ti too', please'Food-lovers across Britain are downing their cutlery in protest today, after the passing of a controversial new law banning all restaurants from serving any dish that the customer cannot pronounce correctly.

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Posted: Sep 17th, 2015
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JD Wetherspoon wins local authority school dinner contract

Education chiefs in the North East have awarded pub chain JD Wetherspoon a contract to provide up to twenty thousand children their daily school dinners, in a move that has angered child health campaigners. The news comes hot on the heels of new contracts for the provision of mini-bars in all British Airways cockpits and the highly controversial reefer lounges in Church of England naves.

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Posted: Jun 6th, 2013
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Police bring in top Indian chef to design new line of pepper sprays

‘For too long the copper’s pepper spray has been unimaginative and blunt, sacrificing tone and texture for sheer volume of heat.’

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Posted: May 30th, 2012
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