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Man mistakes chasing his children up the stairs shouting ‘Raarrr!!!’ for parenting

'dads get tired too' The nightly routine has finally driven his wife to breaking point.

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Posted: Sep 6th, 2014
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Family watches in horror as man metamorphosises into own father

going to the post office and back just 'set him off'The family of Gareth Taggart watched in horror this week as the 40-year-old secondary school teacher from Uttoxeter completed a terrible transformation that saw him change from being a youthful, open-minded, laidback liberal into an uptight, ranting, middle-aged man with an addiction to the History Channel, in an unholy conversion that has been described by many seasoned local observers as his birthright.

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Posted: Oct 24th, 2009
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Dad of toddlers ‘getting overexcited’ about promise of visit to the pub

Joan Lewis, a wife and mum from Ispwich, admitted a ‘rookie error’ after telling her husband Ian on Saturday morning that when her sister came around later, he and his brother-in-law Greg were going to the pub to watch the football. ‘He’s been bouncing off the walls since’ she sighed.

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Posted: May 23rd, 2009
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