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Police commissioner apologises to court and pays locksmith’s costs after he locked up offender and threw away key

hanging's too good for him‘I realise now that I was acting like an idiotic one man kangaroo court, and would like to apologise to the bench,’ said Commissioner John Jenkins, after he admitted to locking up Vince Hilaire, for a minor offence, and throwing away the key.

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Posted: Sep 20th, 2015
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‘Why can’t places be more stereotypical?’ asks gentrification critic

A leading critic of the ‘gentrification’ of formerly ‘gritty’ urban areas has called for places to stick to his ill-informed stereotype of them.

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Posted: Sep 16th, 2015
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Phworr – lots of lovely girls get A levels

Up and down the country, thousands of nubile girls have performed the time-honoured British summer coming-of-age ceremony of smiling sexily for the cameras as they celebrate their A’level results.

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Posted: Aug 12th, 2015
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Daily Mail exclusive: Cecil the lion was depraved serial killer

Actually, he was beastly!For days, the left has been wringing its hands on social media over the fate of ‘Cecil’, the iconic African lion who was shot dead by a brave, freedom-loving American hunter armed only with a high-powered crossbow. Now, however, the ugly truth about this distasteful animal is slowly beginning to emerge.

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Posted: Aug 2nd, 2015
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Daily Mail in turmoil as asylum seekers admit coming to UK mainly to read Daily Mail

immigrants naturally drawn to the fashion sectionDaily Mail thrown into turmoil after revelations that they have been unwittingly encouraging asylum seekers to come to Britain.

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Posted: Aug 1st, 2015
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