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Thousands of middle-aged men have England dreams crushed by Capello

‘I just assumed that one day someone would recognise my talent,’ said Dave Hurley, a 36-year-old IT salesman who is three stone overweight.

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Posted: Aug 13th, 2010
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Jesus has Beckham tattoo

Art critic Brian Sewell said this amazing discovery offers ‘much greater realism and depth’. He added: ‘What we now know is that all the apostles are having different reactions to the news that Jesus has had the Beckham tattoo. Peter is angry, perhaps because the new technology shows that he has also had ‘a Beckham’, and no-one likes a copycat.

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Posted: Apr 27th, 2010
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Fallen hero Beckham to fly into Wootton Bassett for public tribute

England career being laid to rest: other really bad news being quietly buried elsewhereDavid Beckham will be driven through the streets of the Wiltshire town this afternoon in what is expected to be an outpouring of public grief after his tragic achilles tendon injury ruled him out of the World Cup. Thousands are expected to line the route in appreciation of all he’s done for his country.

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Posted: Mar 16th, 2010
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