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‘School of Hard Knocks’ to become ‘University of Life’

Minister David Willetts was pleased to announce a third for-profit institution has been granted the title of university. The School of Hard Knocks has a reputation for low fees, a broad curriculum, and high mortality rates. Their courses will ‘inspire the young’, ‘cull the weak’ and have significantly ‘lower over-heads’ than any undergraduate course in biochemistry.

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Posted: Aug 9th, 2013
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Government to regulate scientists with regional accents

Minister for Universities and Science, David Willetts has written to further education establishments in England and Wales requesting that as part of their science courses they introduce mandatory modules on communication skills and elocution.
One government spokesman said the growing trend for ‘normal’ accents is ‘undermining the gravitas and integrity of British science and must stop right now.’

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Posted: Mar 21st, 2011
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