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British porn industry to hold EU mass debate

in Europe, but not dominated by EuropeThe British porn industry has revealed that it will hold its own in-out debate ahead of the EU referendum in 2017. Porn stars are currently split right down the middle, with many, particularly among the women, saying that they could swing either way. With things being so tight, both camps said that they were keen to explain to members the thrust of their position.

One concern for Eurosceptics is the possibility of a back-door deal between David Cameron and Angela Merkel, because of the blowback it might cause. ‘If he pulls out too quickly it could be a total shitstorm for everyone involved,’ said Rod Longstaff.

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Posted: May 23rd, 2015
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Nick Clegg to resort to ‘mum jokes’ in all future live debates

"I agree with Nick"Crestfallen Nick Clegg has been advised by his publicists to adopt a more ‘ruthless approach’ in all future live debates, by resorting to ‘mum jokes’ when backed into a corner by his opponent.

Clegg’s recent debate with UKIP’s Nigel Farage on Britain and the EU, televised live on BBC Two, resulted in UKIP storming home with a massive 68% of votes in a snap YouGov survey, leaving the Lib Dems with no other choice than to court the ‘mum joke’ vote.

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Posted: Apr 3rd, 2014
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Chat room member wins argument with strategic use of CAPS LOCK

‘I simply told them that if they didn’t agree with what I was saying they were a DAILY MAIL READING IDIOT. They soon saw the error of their ways.’

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Posted: Dec 11th, 2011
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