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Last Tango in Halifax ‘to use margarine’

'Mind you, it costs a packet so don't bloody use it all at once'After long deliberations and ‘some experiment in rehearsal’, the producers of Last Tango in Halifax have opted to use a well-known brand name margarine in a much-awaited key scene. Director Mike Smillers said: ‘We were pretty sure we weren’t going to use butter, even as an ‘homage’ to the French original ‘Last Tango in Paris’. Someone bought 200 grams of salted Lurpak to the read through, but we ended up using it for sandwiches.’

The cast did experiment with lard in an early rehearsal. Co Star Anne Reid told the TV Times: ‘There was a lot going for the lard lobby. Very northern and down to earth, and no strain on the production budget. And luckily neither of us is a vegetarian. But after Dinner Ladies, I was uncomfortable with it, frankly, and so was Derek, eventually.’

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Posted: Jan 14th, 2015
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Jimmy’s Law to safeguard public from ‘known Celebrities’

The Sun Newspaper has started its campaign for ‘Jimmy’s Law’, requiring all Celebrities in your area to register with a police station, paint a target on their roof visible by news helicopters, and stick a sign in the front garden reading ‘I’m a celebrity – you can get me out of here’.

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Posted: Dec 14th, 2012
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