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Derren Brown unmasked as Santa

In a disappointing start to the New Year, the illusionist and all-round mentalist has revealed that he was behind the most elaborate ruse to be performed upon UK TV viewers. Mr Brown explained that through a series mind games, he had convinced a sceptical public that Father Christmas was real, pigs could fly and that Ed Miliband was a plausible Leader of the Opposition.

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Posted: Dec 31st, 2014
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Derren Brown correctly predicts DFS Double Discount Deal

TV hypnotist Derren Brown left fellow customers gobsmacked yesterday following a surprise visit to DFS’s Taunton store.

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Posted: Nov 3rd, 2009
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David Blaine in gruelling attempt to watch his own stunts

BlaineDoctors concerned that Blaine risks being ‘bored to death’ during the stunt.

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Posted: Oct 1st, 2006
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