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Guests still showing no signs of leaving

'We should never do this again'‘It feels like they’ve been here for years,’ said Brian Sheldon, an indigene of the disputed territory. ‘They keep raising our hopes saying, ‘Well, we’d better be going,’ and ‘I’m sure you’ve got things to do’, but they never actually go.’

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Posted: Jul 26th, 2009
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Agency hiring out ‘stupid people’ for smart dinner party circuit

idiots can be hired by the hourAn Islington company that hires out fools for social occasions is thriving despite the recession, according to the company’s PR spokesman. ‘Fool Hire Ltd supplies clients with a stupid person to attend their gatherings as a working guest,’ explained Magnus Catchpole. ‘The client can choose from a simple idiot to top-of-the range loudmouth cretin and we charge by the hour with weekends rather more expensive.’

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Posted: Apr 24th, 2009
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Moldovan president claims G20 invitation ‘definitely said this week’

Other leaders nowhere to be seen‘I came here to discuss global economics. Look – I have notebook, calculator, everything.’

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Posted: Apr 10th, 2009
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Liberal confesses he hasn’t actually spoken to his ‘black friends’ in 30 years

Non-racist credentials called into question following an ‘inappropriate’ remark at a dinner party

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Posted: Jan 17th, 2009
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