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Chore inflation index shows emptying dishwasher now just as much of a pain as washing dishes

Self-emptying dishwasher still a way offNew data on irritation at day-to-day household tasks has shown that the benefits of modern living are being eaten away by chore inflation.

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Posted: Nov 16th, 2009
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Dishwasher Stacking champion aiming for Gold in 2012 Middle Class Games

987-diswasher3British hopeful Paul Hobbs is being tipped to win the gold medal in the highly competitive Dishwasher Stacking event at the 2012 Middle Class Games. Hobbs has spent years perfecting his technique, and is confident he can beat all comers when the Middle Class Games come to Surrey in three years time.

Britain’s dishwasher stacking champion goes about his preparation with a fanaticism rarely seen in men in this class. ‘I don’t see stacking the dishwasher as a chore, it’s a logistical challenge,’ he says, ‘I spend hours thinking how to find a home for an awkward egg cup.’

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Posted: Feb 23rd, 2009
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