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Queen ‘disappointed at lack of rap singers’ in honours list

Buckingham Palace has confirmed that Her Majesty the Queen has expressed dismay that British rap and hip hop singers are almost absent from the New Years Honours list this year. Sir Bob Kerslake, who has drafted the last five lists, stated that Her Majesty said ‘One’s seriously dischuffed’ at the lack of such singers, who she regards as ‘well good’. Sir Bob admitted that he didn’t know any rap singers, however he understood that both Her Majesty and Prince Philip are fans of the genre.

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Posted: Dec 31st, 2014
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New Archbishop to be chosen via TV variety show, Bishops Got Talent

will be asked to belch 'Archbishop of Canterbury' without pausing in the finale‘It’s high time people got to choose their Archbishop according to who can perform the best song and dance routine,’ said executive producer Simon Cowell. ‘I’m no theologian but I’m pretty sure it’s what Jesus would have wanted.’

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Posted: Mar 19th, 2012
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Racist organisation appoints uniformity officer

‘Racism is becoming such a broad church. They’re letting anyone in these days, and some of them are openly broad minded.’

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Posted: Jun 7th, 2011
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Flash mob at steelworks leaves 16 dead, 40 injured

A singing, dancing T-mobile flash mob was sprung on unsuspecting steelworkers yesterday, causing a spill of molten iron that has left 16 dead and 40 injured. Two workers and 29 bodypoppers are in a critical condition.

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Posted: Feb 8th, 2011
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Call for greater representation of ethnic and disability groups in zombie movies

zombie movies not adequately reflecting what goes on in the real world‘Even in undeath, there appears to be no escape from the inequalities which plague ethnic minorities and those with disabilities throughout their lives.’

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Posted: Oct 9th, 2010
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