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Study finds animals still being discriminated against in the workplace

enough to send you barkingA study undertaken by the Department for Work and Pensions has found that a disproportionate number of animals in the UK are still being confined to the most menial of jobs, and are repeatedly passed over for promotion.

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Posted: Mar 3rd, 2012
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Lazy animal lovers welcome the remote-control dog

batteries bound to run out soon‘You can see from the look in his eyes when I’m making him do J-turns, burn-outs and wheelies that he loves every moment of it.’

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Posted: Nov 3rd, 2011
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Rescued dog thrown back in river

A woman from Cookham Lock in Berkshire has complained to the BBC after a dog she was trying to drown in the River Thames was rescued by comedian David Walliams during a swimming stunt for this year’s Sport Relief.

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Posted: Sep 14th, 2011
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Police dog in institutional sexism row

Rosco, a police German Shepherd, has been accused of sexual harassment after an incident with his colleague, Polly, a bitch trained for sniffing out drugs.

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Posted: Feb 1st, 2011
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Owner’s leg playing hard-to-get again

Three-year-old beagle Prince reported today that despite his best efforts, all romantic advances to his owner’s right leg continued to receive the cold shoulder.

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Posted: Sep 25th, 2010
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