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Glastonbury dog turns down Parton offer

A dog which was found abandoned at Glastonbury has turned down the chance to be adopted by Dolly Parton in the US saying it has no interest in working regular hours and would much rather just chase the odd tennis ball now and again or better still, sleep in front of the fire all day like it does here in the UK.

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Posted: Jul 9th, 2014
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Threat of Dolly Parton and Metallica fails to put off mud enthusiasts

Plimsoll Act headlining this yearFans of unsanitary fields of muck descended on Worthy Farm in their thousands today for the annual Glastonbury Festival, uninhibited by gloomy forecasts of performances by Dolly Parton, Lily Allen, Arcade Fire and Metallica. The Glastonbury Festival has long been the premier destination for aficionados of mud, and those who just want to ‘open their minds’ to new and challenging types of flooding.

This year’s festival promises a stellar line-up of waterlogged fields, fetid toilets and poor amenities. However, forecasters have predicted spates of shoegazing indie rock, unmitigating showers of experimental electronica, and a deluge of country & western scheduled for Sunday night. Revellers have also been warned to come prepared for outbursts of circus skills, poetry, theatre and comedy.

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Posted: Jun 26th, 2014
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