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New winter driving test to be introduced in time for next summer

current test no way near good enough for membership of AA‘With a bit of British ingenuity, incessant grumbling and a can of shaving foam, we believe we can simulate many of the conditions that drivers would have to cope with during a snowy spell.’

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Posted: Dec 4th, 2010
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Updated driving test to include mobile phone use

mobile-drivingIn a move described by the Driving Standards Agency as an acknowledgement of the realities of modern life, it was announced that public resources would no longer be invested in attempting to prevent people from dangerous practices such as using mobile phones while driving and instead the driving test will be updated to ensure drivers could manage multi-tasking while in control of a vehicle.

‘It’s a desperately needed step’, claimed Samantha Henshawe, a DSA spokeswoman, ‘the number of accidents that occur while fumbling for a Bluetooth earpiece under the driver’s seat is rising exponentially, but learner drivers aren’t being equipped with the right skills. And really, when was the last time you heard of somebody even trying to reverse around a corner anyway?’

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Posted: Apr 15th, 2009
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