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Second leaders’ debate to include interpretative dance

‘Frankly I don’t think I put my case across as well as I could have,’ said David Cameron, announcing that interpretive dance would be part of the second party leaders’ election date. ‘Samantha suggested this because she thinks I’m a real smooth mover.’

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Posted: Apr 6th, 2015
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Miliband now talking to imaginary camera in normal conversation, say colleagues

Ed Miliband has begun talking to an imaginary television camera in daily life, according to advisers. Labour strategist Fenton Barnes has admitted that the Labour leader’s training for recent TV debates may have been too intensive.

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Posted: Apr 3rd, 2015
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Why people hate me for being beautiful, by David Cameron

‘I’m a tall, well-spoken and handsome man with a confident demeanour. I know how lucky I am. But there are downsides to being this beautiful.’

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Posted: Apr 2nd, 2015
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TV debates to be settled by ‘head punching contests’ say Broadcasters

all in the name of entertainment for the massesTV broadcasters have decided to ditch the debating format trialed in the 2010 election in which leaders debated policy and outlined pledges and will replace it instead with a series of ‘head punching contests’, confirmed Sue Inglish, Head of Political Programming at the BBC.

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Posted: Mar 27th, 2015
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Miliband rules out installing third kitchen

Ed Miliband has told the BBC that he will not be installing a third kitchen in his North London home. In an interview with BBC deputy political editor James Landale, Miliband said that he felt that two kitchens was enough for all the cooking he wanted to do.

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Posted: Mar 24th, 2015
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