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Edinburgh man hires out rectal passage as Fringe venue

Feedback from the opening performances has been encouraging with most audience members seeming happy with their ringside seats.

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Posted: Aug 8th, 2015
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Edinburgh festival made up ‘to make everyone else feel they’re missing out’

‘It was just a wheeze to get our own back on London.’

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Posted: Aug 16th, 2014
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Controversy as overturned caravan wins Edinburgh Festival comedy award

An Edinburgh Fringe comedy prize has been awarded to a caravan accident on the M8. The entry ‘Elddis Crusader on its roof’ by Brian Cooper of Basingstoke won ‘Best Improvised Comedy Installation’ after it amused huge crowds at the weekend.

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Posted: Aug 24th, 2012
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Edinburgh ‘regrets having Tattoo’

Scottish pensioner Edinburgh, known as Edina to her friends, today admitted her regret at ever agreeing to have a tattoo.

‘I was young and impressionable,’ she said, ‘and when this group of manly soldiers suggested I had one to please them, I thought why not?’ Edina says she was intoxicated by heady thoughts of rebellion and making herself attractive to those red blooded fighters.

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Posted: Sep 1st, 2009
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