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Local man mortified after waving at the wrong person

Desperately trying to save face after waving to a woman he mistook for an old friend he hadn’t seen in a while, local man Gerard Thompkins walked right by the confused stranger as nothing had happened, while also taking his phone out of his pocket and starting a completely fictitious conversation as an extra cautionary measure.

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Posted: Mar 19th, 2015
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Department stores to introduce ‘Male-safe routes’

Men’s rights activists are celebrating today, claiming ‘men up and down the country will no longer be subjected to having to walk through the lingerie department just to buy a sofa, or navigate through the perfume section trying to find the electronics department’.

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Posted: Aug 22nd, 2012
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‘It won’t bloody flush’, reports woman trapped in dinner party toilet

Amy Higgins faced a race against time yesterday with the cistern of a downstairs lavatory in Surrey, after a single flush at an intimate dinner party for six proved itself not up to the job.

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Posted: May 6th, 2012
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Bank customers forced to reveal humiliating sexual details to beat identity cheats

details will often be overheard in the workplace Banks and building societies are asking for further private details such as ‘favourite sexual position’.

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Posted: Jun 18th, 2009
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