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England squad tipped for great rendition of God Save the Queen

might make tactical substitution at half time and hum The Great Escape insteadEngland manager and singing coach Roy Hodgson has told a press conference that his side ‘can’t wait’ to get out onto the pitch and ‘sing their little hearts out’ before their opening World Cup match on Saturday.

‘We’re very excited about this young group’ he said. ‘We’ve got some great talent coming through. We sang well in all of our qualifying matches, and there’s no-one in the tournament we fear will outsing us in a head-to-head national anthem, especially the ones with no words.’

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Posted: Jun 13th, 2014
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Amazon Stadium pitch to get six more undercoats

A FIFA press release today claims that the Manaus pitch for Saturday’s England v Italy match will have the silken surface of a Rolls Royce and the glitter of a Lamborghini. ‘Nothing’s being left to chance,’ boasted Bob Ormeroyd, Grimsby-born Chairman of the influential Southern Hemisphere Grounds & Facilities Committee.

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Posted: Jun 13th, 2014
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