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Married men delighted with return of ‘The Great British Bake Off’

After an agonisingly long wait, married men up and down the country were delighted to see the return of the BBC’s ‘The Great British Bake Off’ last night.

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Posted: Aug 7th, 2014
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‘Ebola’ bookies favourite to win Britain’s Got Talent

a new superstar to consume the public's hearts and mindsThe odds of a non-UK resident winning series eight of the ever popular talent show have dramatically shortened today, with the late entry of an outbreak of virulent hemorrhagic fever from Guinea.

Seen as ‘more photogenic than SuBo’, the virus promises to be just as ‘virulent as Diversity’, as ‘deadly as Paul Potts’ and guaranteed to cause ‘more internal bleeding’ than Jai McDowall’s last album. The 2012 BGT tour was axed due to low ticket sales, but EBOV is committed to ‘filling emergency rooms up and down the land’.

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Posted: Apr 1st, 2014
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Stars pay tribute to whatever it was Danny La Rue actually did

Will be sorely missed for all that stuff he didCelebrities have been lining up to applaud whatever it was that the late Danny La Rue did exactly. ‘He was a great, er, showman,’ said Nicholas Parsons. ‘Not a comedian exactly, or a singer as such, I mean he wasn’t an all round entertainer or anything – but when it came to just dressing up like a lady, there was no one quite like Danny.’

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Posted: Jun 3rd, 2009
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