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Jane Fonda launches new ‘Rocking Chair Workout’

Filmed at the Bide-a-Wee retirement home in Shingle Springs, California, the DVD is aimed at rocking chair users and anyone over the age of 75 with access to a half-decent wipe-down recliner.

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Posted: Oct 13th, 2012
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Commuter B.O. threat level raised from ‘Severe’ to ‘Critical’

Due to recent warm weather, the Environment Agency has today raised the Body Odour warning level of one London commuter from ‘Severe’ to ‘Critical’. Mark Beale, a 36-year-old software engineer, catches the 17.56 London Bridge to Gillingham service each weekday, but regularly leaves his office late meaning he has to run most of the way to the station.

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Posted: Oct 2nd, 2011
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Man has bargain £90 rowing machine sent straight to council recycling facility

‘It got me thinking’ said Richards ‘Why should I go to the trouble of assembling the bloody machine, leaving it unused for five years before having to dismantle it and take it to the tip?’

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Posted: Sep 19th, 2011
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Government bans jogging due to ‘natural highs’ from endorphins

‘The harms associated with this addictive pastime include exhaustion, grazed knees and sprained ankles,’ Home Office Minister David Hanson told Parliament yesterday.

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Posted: Mar 31st, 2010
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British children ‘feeling under pressure to be fat’

impressionable children loging on to 'pro-curvy' websitesThere has been a big increase in young girls and boys logging on to ‘pro-curvy’ websites where they can swap tips on how to add calories to their meals and cut PE classes at school.

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Posted: May 18th, 2009
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