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Petrol stations stock up ahead of ‘last minute dad shopping’

she's simply going to love itStocking up on Peppa Pig merchandise

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Posted: Dec 16th, 2014
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Father admits he didn’t actually spend summer outdoors

preferred staying in watching Muffin the MuleUnder pressure from his ten-year-old son Jacob, Bromsgrove insurance claims adjuster Roger Wyatt has admitted that he didn’t actually spend his formative summer holidays playing with sticks and fording rivers.

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Posted: Jul 5th, 2014
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Boy who found porn in woods ‘delighted with his new iPad’

A teenager has spoken of his joy in resurrecting the tradition of finding porn in the woods and with the iPad that it came on. Andy Bridges, 14, was scouring the bushes in a wooded area near his home after his father told him that the internet has made it too easy for youngsters to access naked ladies.

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Posted: Dec 9th, 2013
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Lab tests confirm father-of-two ‘not made of money’

After years of repeatedly insisting to his wife and sons that he was not, as they seemed to believe, ‘made of money’, Mike Whitehouse from the West Midlands has undergone a series of genetic tests to obtain conclusive proof.

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Posted: Oct 8th, 2010
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Over-competitive dad red-carded for horror tackle on son

last man between player and goal; he had to goAn overly-competitive father has admitted that he may have gone too far after breaking his son’s leg during a light kick-about in the garden.

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Posted: Jun 26th, 2010
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