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Jurassic Park successfully cloned

Technicians at Legendary Pictures say they have succeeded in cloning Jurassic Park. ‘Jurassic World’- to be released in June – is the culmination of a 15-year project to resurrect one of the most profitable beasts in history.

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Posted: Apr 26th, 2015
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North Korea protests over ‘fu**ing rubbish film’

The North Korean government has made fresh protests over the decision to finally release the controversial film, ‘The Interview’, which it describes as ‘bloody awful’.

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Posted: Dec 27th, 2014
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Actors to receive some attention at last

Actors are finally to be given the recognition they deserve in a low key ceremony planned for this March. After years of toiling quietly, the public and movie producers have decided to reward these hard working folk with modest gold statues, a smattering of applause and maybe even, who knows, small sponsorship deals.

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Posted: Feb 5th, 2014
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‘Nice Cop’ subverts detective movie genre

The film features Lou Jung as a home loving, cheerful New York cop. His conventional, gentle and cynicism free approach to the job has left audiences stunned.

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Posted: Jan 3rd, 2014
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Dam Busters dog renamed ‘Cuntface’ for movie remake

'Dam' also thought too sacrilegious; replaced by 'Dyke'‘You just can’t have a modern movie shown in the US with a dog called the N-word,’ said writer Stephen Fry. ‘Instead I decided that ‘Cuntface’ had the right melange of wit and edginess.’

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Posted: Jun 13th, 2011
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