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Drivers to spend that extra ten minutes abusing traffic wardens

‘Fantastic news,’ said London motorist Gary Barnes. ‘I’ll make sure I’m back at my car bang on time and hope that there’s a traffic warden around that I can tell to fuck off. I’ll be in my car bang on the ten-minute mark and drive off with the window down, arm out and middle finger extended.’

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Posted: Mar 8th, 2015
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Fines to be imposed on middle-of-the-road tastes

Chris de Burgh will be along shortlyFrom this week anyone found listening to Chris de Burgh or settling down to watch an episode of Midsomer Murders will face a £100 on-the-spot fine. The new penalties are intended to tackle the growing menace of people who choose the middle-of-the-road, often at the expense of others.

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Posted: Aug 25th, 2013
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