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UK to send rolled up newspapers to Iraq, to swat flies

‘We asked for special forces, troops, tanks, planes and bullets, we got about thirty rolled up newspapers,’ moaned an Iraqi spokesman today. The Government admitted the supply of remaindered newspapers was ‘probably less than they wanted,’, but pointed out that they are also sending two corporals to train them to swat flies with the newspapers.

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Posted: Jun 8th, 2015
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Insect fans buzzing over new ‘Fly Flap’

Inventor and life-long insect rights activist Anthony Small has launched his latest innovation to make short insect lives easier. The ‘Fly Flap’ will enable house flies and other mini aviators to exit a house through closed windows via a one-way flap.

Similar to a cat flap, ‘Fly Flap’ allows ugly insects to leave homes easily, without the indignity of being smeared by a copy of the Daily Mail.

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Posted: Jul 26th, 2012
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