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Food banks launch ‘Someone Elsie’ campaign to boost donations

Food banks throughout the country are encouraging the public to take photographs of strangers who ‘look a bit hungry’ and then post them on Facebook to highlight malnourishment. For each picture posted, it is expected that someone will donate a tin of beans.

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Posted: Apr 26th, 2014
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New BANKSYs spring up all over the UK

they're everywhere!

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Posted: Apr 17th, 2014
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Government announces help for the poor with launch of ‘Big Society’ magazine

help for plebs Families can sell them on street corners rather than begging for state handouts.

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Posted: Dec 22nd, 2013
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‘Truffles were ready’ explains Duncan Smith

Work and Pensions Secretary Ian Duncan Smith has defended his decision to walk out of a Commons debate on Food Banks explaining he had received a text message from the Commons canteen to say his truffles were ready.

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Posted: Dec 19th, 2013
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New Food Bank vouchers to carry portrait of Cameron

A new design for the Food Bank voucher was unveiled today. It will be available from July to coincide with the nationwide rollout of Iain Duncan Smith’s Benefit Cap.

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Posted: Apr 29th, 2013
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