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Shearer under investigation for prolonged use of ‘inverse quenelle’ celebration

Legendary ex-England footballer, turned-pundit, Alan Shearer, could face retrospective action if found guilty of a career’s use of the so-called ‘inverse-quenelle’ salute as his celebration for scoring.

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Posted: Jan 25th, 2014
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Summer World Cup back on: Qatar to cool temperatures with gay marriages

2022 World Cup hosts Qatar have decided to allow ‘a small number’ of gay marriages in an attempt to bring some moderate winds and light rainfall so that the competition can be held in the summer, inspired by the ravings of UKIP councillor David Silvester.

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Posted: Jan 22nd, 2014
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Scilly Isles next for UEFA membership?

Following on from Gibraltar’s admittance into UEFA, the Scilly Isles have emerged as the front runner for next joke nation to be granted a seat at European football’s top table. The Isles’ two teams could be contesting a place in the Europa League next season

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Posted: Jan 16th, 2014
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Qatar ‘will be moved’ to hold Qatar World Cup, says Fifa official

Fifa has played down claims from its own general secretary that the 2022 World Cup can take place in Qatar only if the country is transported, sandbag by sandbag, somewhere else.

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Posted: Jan 11th, 2014
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Football pundit astounds literary critics with use of seasonal imagery

Mark Lawrenson is the toast of London literary society

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Posted: Dec 21st, 2013
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