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Onboard F1 communication to be replace by automated switchboard

The world of motor racing is set to be transformed after trials of a new sat-nav based automated switchboard system were completed ready for use in next year’s Formula One.

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Posted: Aug 21st, 2010
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Silverstone unveils plans for drive-through Burger King

‘Drivers can take a pit-stop if they need tyres or fuel,’ said Bernie Ecclestone, ‘but what if they get peckish during the race?’

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Posted: Jul 10th, 2010
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Dastardly to appeal against Formula One ban

at least he didn't just crash into a wallDick Dastardly, owner and lead driver of Mean Machine Racing, has announced that he will appeal to the motor racing authorities against his recent ejection from the sport for persistent infringements of racing rules.

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Posted: Sep 26th, 2009
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