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Family of deposed African Head of State baffled by lack of interest in his millions

Nigerian dollars going beggingThe widow of the former Head of State of a small African nation has expressed surprise at the lack of interest from the numerous people she has emailed offering a share of her husband’s millions.

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Posted: Jan 7th, 2010
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Afghanistan draw level with Ireland in thrilling 2-all election draw

There were celebrations in Kabul last night as Afghanistan announced a second presidential election, drawing level with Ireland, whose stunning referendum in October had put them 2-1 up.

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Posted: Oct 22nd, 2009
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Cash machines to deliver electric shock as tougher penalties for an incorrect PIN

Banks and shops using chip and PIN technology are hoping for a reduction in mistakes and security alerts by giving mild electric shocks to anyone carelessly or fraudulently entering the wrong PIN number.

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Posted: Apr 9th, 2009
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