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Liberal confesses he hasn’t actually spoken to his ‘black friends’ in 30 years

Non-racist credentials called into question following an ‘inappropriate’ remark at a dinner party

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Posted: Jan 15th, 2014
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Facebook users ‘running low’ on inspirational quotes

live differentThousands of Facebook users have found themselves running ‘seriously low’ on fresh inspirational quotes to share with their friends of late, the social network giant has announced today.

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Posted: Nov 1st, 2013
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Ipswich man fears that whole news cycle is a satire

you couldn't make it upAfter spending many years reading satirical news articles online in between looking up real news stories online, Joseph Capgrass, 38, of Ipswich has confessed that he has lost the ability to tell the difference between real and parody news coverage. It has left his world in tatters.

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Posted: Sep 28th, 2013
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China defriends Google on Facebook for acting ‘well gay’

Google said it didn’t like hanging with China and doing shit because it was like too clingy and kept telling Google what to do ‘n shit.

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Posted: Dec 7th, 2010
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‘Friends’ to be revived as period drama

ITV has announced a co-production deal with US television channel NBC to revive hit 1990s sitcom Friends as a period drama, featuring the original cast but set in eighteenth-century Hertfordshire.

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Posted: Oct 23rd, 2009
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