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UK parliament to consider permanent switch to Hammer Time

public urged to break it downAs British Summer Time draws to a close and the clocks prepare to go back, the Secretary of State is to conduct an analysis of the costs and benefits of adopting the highly controversial U.S. Standard Hammer Time throughout the UK. The concept of Hammer Time was introduced in the early 1990s by the recording artist MC Hammer on his top-selling meisterwerk ‘Please Hammer – Don’t Hurt ‘Em’ and, although highly regarded at the time, its popularity waned after a series of poor-selling follow up albums.

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Posted: Oct 10th, 2011
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Campaign to make Gangsta an official language

Following Dr David Starkey’s declaration on Newsnight that the white population from Tottenham to Clapham has now ‘integrated into the pervasive black Gangsta culture’, the Welsh Language Society – with its long experience of protest campaigns – has been advising this community on how to have Gangsta recognised as an official language by the UK and EU authorities.

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Posted: Sep 19th, 2011
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