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Family dog takes gap year to ‘find himself’

Local park no longer enoughThrew a couple of tins of Winalot Prime and a well-pawed copy of the Ruff Guide to the World in a knapsack, and set off down the A20 towards China.

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Posted: Apr 28th, 2014
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Parents of A-Level loser plan own gap year

taking the slow boat to Palookaville‘We’re just leaving him to it’.

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Posted: Aug 27th, 2011
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Kidnapped backpacker mainly worried about the photo of her being used on the news

backpacker having terrible thoughtsTrisha Campbell, a 31-year-old charity worker currently chained to a radiator in Yemen, is reported to be spending most of her time ‘absolutely dreading’ her parents’ choice of photograph to distribute to news agencies covering her abduction.

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Posted: Jun 10th, 2011
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Indian labourer backpacks around Britain to find himself

found himself about fourteen miles outside LutonMiranjit gave up the security of a stable 16-hour-a-day job, a standpipe within an hour’s walk, and two sheets of corrugated iron over his head.

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Posted: Jan 10th, 2011
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North Korea in crisis as Kim Jong-un plans surprise gap year

The reclusive heir told his father that presiding over a brutal regime in which Marxist doctrine is enforced to the letter was some ‘heavy shit’ and that he planned to ‘chill for a bit and like, find myself’.

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Posted: Sep 30th, 2010
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