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Homeless urge rethink on gay marriage

Recently divorced, homeless, unemployed 56-year-old Tory activist Jason Beesley from Gosport said that the hope of not seeing gays kissing in church was the only thing making his life worthwhile.

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Posted: Feb 7th, 2013
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First Gay Marriage for ‘Nick and Dave’ from Westminster

Dave vowed to agree with NickNick Clegg and David Cameron made a public demonstration of their commitment to gay marriage yesterday by formally tying the knot at Westminster Abbey. The happy couple make their vows before immediately breaking them in front of millions of TV viewers.

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Posted: Dec 11th, 2012
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Justin Welby hesitant over gay weddings but wants more gay funerals

The move is likely to be popular with African clergy who already see it as part of their ministry to help homosexuals towards an early grave.

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Posted: Nov 14th, 2012
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US election mainly about bum sex

they don't like it up 'emAs the US presidential election campaign enters its last days, pollsters say the result is still on a knife-edge. Whilst flag worship remains an issue for some, the electorate is split almost evenly over the crucial question or whether or not the right of people with the same number of penises or vaginas as each other to make their relationship official is any of their fucking business.

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Posted: Nov 4th, 2012
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Church compromise on gay marriage; ‘ladyboys acceptable’

In a surprise olive branch from the Church of England, Doctor Rowan Williams this morning announced that the church would support marriage between two men as long as one of them ‘looked like a bird.’

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Posted: Jul 18th, 2012
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