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New research reveals Captain Oates actually left Scott’s Antarctic party for gay spa

couldn't wait to get away in the name of exploration.Captain Lawrence Oates’ position as the undisputed ideal of understated British self-sacrifice has come under threat, as historians have unearthed research suggesting that he in fact abandoned his dying companions in a blizzard-whipped tent for a pina colada in the local gay Antarctic spa, ‘The Cheeky Penguin’.

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Posted: Aug 14th, 2015
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Mission Impossible 6 – Passing For Straight – to begin filming soon

Paramount Studios has given the green light to the sixth film in the Mission Impossible series, provisionally entitled ‘Passing For Straight’.

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Posted: Aug 11th, 2015
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Militant Christian bakers capture Brighton, destroy historical gay sites

hundreds and thousands on the marchReports are coming in from the southern province of East Sussex that a fundamentalist force of Christian bakers, cake decorators and cream fillers have worked themselves up into an extreme state and seized control of Britain’s ancient gay capital, Brighton, vowing to destroy every remnant of it.

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Posted: May 22nd, 2015
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Belfast needs to be ‘more ginger, gay and Cockney’

Northern Ireland’s Chief Constable Matt Baggott has said that the only way the province can have a peaceful marching season is by sporting a red fluorescent mullet while wearing a lycra onesie covered in ‘mother of pearl’ buttons.

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Posted: Aug 12th, 2013
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Justin Welby hesitant over gay weddings but wants more gay funerals

The move is likely to be popular with African clergy who already see it as part of their ministry to help homosexuals towards an early grave.

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Posted: Nov 14th, 2012
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