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Parents highlight ‘Security Services complete failure over daughters’ GCSEs’

The parents of three girls who were ‘radicalised’ by their classmates and subsequently took up smoking have spoken about the police’s failure not to provide more information on their children.

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Posted: Mar 16th, 2015
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Ofsted criticises ‘simplistic’ Jihadi Janet & John books

nothing like as convincing as an ISIS iPhone appPoor teaching materials are being blamed for falling standards of radicalisation in state schools, according to a recent Ofsted inspection. When Year 8-10 pupils should be reading the Qu’ran and instructions on how to make cluster bombs, all too many are still looking at the simplistic dogma of Jihadi Janet and John.

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Posted: Mar 5th, 2015
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GCSEs to be replaced by Hunger Games

streaming at its best‘For too long, we have allowed young people to leave school without a basic grasp of mental arithmetic, grammar or machetes’.

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Posted: Aug 11th, 2014
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GCSEs to be replaced with GOVEs

‘It is entirely coincidental that the proposed test rhymes with ‘cove’,’ declared the Secretary of State.

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Posted: Sep 18th, 2012
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Gove to reintroduce school bullies

already getting complaints from Leveson minorEducation secretary Michael Gove has defended his decision to reintroduce formal bullying into secondary schools, and rejected accusations it would mean ‘two tiers before bedtime.’

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Posted: Jun 21st, 2012
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