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32% rely on smartphone to cross a road

totally reliable unless the battery runs out‘Smartphones even seem able to predict when cars will screech to a halt or other people will dive out of the way.’

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Posted: Sep 20th, 2011
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Computer programmer’s shame on confessing to never having seen ‘The Matrix’

The IT world was plunged into bitter recrimination last night after computer programmer James Renfield finally admitted that despite working in the industry for many years, he had actually never watched ‘The Matrix’ movie.

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Posted: Aug 30th, 2011
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Woman actually dates man for his sense of humour

may have to wait years for the punchlineExperts are celebrating a major breakthrough in modern dating after Suzanne Roberts, a single woman from Nottingham, met and fell for a man she conceded was ‘not conventionally attractive,’ but did possess a great sense of humour.

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Posted: Jun 11th, 2011
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Valentines date was OBVIOUSLY a prank claims brave chess club president

988-chess-nerdMatt insisted he was ‘totally in on’ practical joke

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Posted: Feb 15th, 2009
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Father of child prodigy admits his son ‘probably deserves to be bullied’

Even Liam’s Grandmother describes him as a ‘specky little pain in the arse’.

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Posted: Aug 13th, 2007
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