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‘Why can’t places be more stereotypical?’ asks gentrification critic

A leading critic of the ‘gentrification’ of formerly ‘gritty’ urban areas has called for places to stick to his ill-informed stereotype of them.

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Posted: Sep 16th, 2015
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Prison ‘becoming gentrified’ complain long-term residents of Wandsworth

Wandsworth Prison is traditionally an ethnically diverse working class part of London, and for years was strenuously avoided by the well-to-do. Now, however, an influx of MPs, game show hosts, TV presenters and other celebrities is, according to many long term residents, changing the traditional character of the jail.

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Posted: Aug 10th, 2013
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Angry residents launch ‘Keep Dagenham Shite’ campaign

Car manufacturing helped many leave Frustrated with the continual attempts to improve their town, the people of Dagenham today launched a campaign to ensure their place of residence remains ‘a stinking crap hole’.

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Posted: Sep 7th, 2009
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